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a word that excludes and normalizes difference.


word commun which combines and alienates human beings from each other.

The CDamslab’s mission is to

Normalize Diversity.


“I support Sports and Fashion brands in developing clothing for all bodies, whatever their sizes and physical trauma. 

It is essential for me to design designs by placing the human body at the heart of the creative process, in order to promote an ergonomic and functional creative process in all areas.your creations.


The morphological study

and functional in the service of product development thanks to digitalization.


"I challenge the product development circuits, thanksto 2D design | 3D.This creative process allows me to create in an agile way in a short circuit.


The materials are thus valued,

and used with awareness.

Only study prototypes are designed in the design office, after validation of virtual try-on in all sizes."


Charlene DAMUS

Founder and CEO of the company 

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