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Do you want to  develop your models or your collections?

Are you looking for technical support for the development of your patronages?

Our "collection" support offers are made for you!


Formule 1:

Collection structure

- Determination of the silhouettes to be addressed

- Definition of the product offer

- Development of the collection plan

- Drafting of a collection calendar

Formule 2:

Fashion Design

- Functional mood board

- Technical sketch

- Technical description sheet

Formula 3:

Pattern Development


- Digitization,

- Computer-aided design (CAD) on Gerber Technology

- Measurement table, of the base size

- 3D simulation in base size

- Mini maker

- Prototype manufacturing in similar material*

(*recycled materials)

Formule 4:


- Determination of the grading rules to be applied to the model

- 2D grading

- 3D grading and simulation

- Production mini maker

- Creation of the production measurement table

Let's talk about your project!

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