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digital creation
at the service of product development


Morphological strategy

The collection strategy aims to support the customer in a consumer analysis process so that the clothes, created or to be designed, respond to their primary function, that of clothing.

I collect these analyzes in order to define the morphologies addressed by the brand, and to define the new morphological standards.

All the bodies are exposed and analyzed,
In order to always better meet the demand of consumers who want to feel good in their clothes: small, large, round...


Fashion Design

A garment must be able to suit the customer for whom it was created and designed.

In the product creation process, I create functional mood boards, accompanied by stylistic proposals. 
Its aims to respond precisely to the needs of ergonomics and design, desired by the brand. 


2D/3D CAD development

Product development is exclusively digital.

I collect patronage through 2 methods:

- by flat cutting (paper patterns) and digitalization

- directly by CAD on production software.

There 3d design starts from the beginning of the creation process in order to validate the volumes proposed on avatars, adapted to the morphologies addressed.


2D/3D Grading

Screenshot 2023-03-02 095419.png

Gradation is an essential step in the development of a collection.

It consists of the rise or fall in size of a garment.

The reflection of gradation rules depends on body measurements which is addressed, but also of the type of product created!

I lead the reflection of these rules in order to enhance the harmony of all sizes.

The 3D simulation of the "size-set", representing the sizes of the production, makes it possible to validate the volumes created before any prototyping.

Technologies used

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